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Tooth Fairy Visits

Every spring, the Zoo Crew Tooth Fairy visits local schools and children’s groups.

Zoo Crew Tooth Fairy

Story Time

The Tooth Fairy tells engaging stories about teeth and leads children through a question and answer time, slipping in health facts and dental education with silliness and laughter. She also takes questions, which often revolve around why she’s not tiny, whether or not she flies, and if she’s real.


The Tooth Fairy also brings gifts for children, usually books, bags, and/or toothbrushes, as well as fun dental education stickers, magnets, and pamphlets. The gifts help children remember her lessons longer and also provide useful supplies that some children may not have access to.


The Tooth Fairy’s fun, natural personality makes dental education fun and memorable. Moms even find her answers helpful too! And we relish the opportunity to make children laugh and give them some positive memories about dental care. The Tooth Fairy program really is one of our favorite activities.


To learn more about how you can get a Tooth Fairy visit, get in touch!

Enjoy Dental Care That’s Kid-Focused & Parent-Friendly!