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Our Philosophy

We don’t want to get too stuffy, but we care about pediatric dental care a lot. So much, in fact, that we have a philosophy about it. Here are our guiding principles:

Make it Fun  |  Keep it Easy for Child & Parent  |  Provide Great Care

toothfairy talking to two kids

Make it Fun

Kids love having fun. They seem to have a magical ability to turn the most mundane experiences into adventure. At Zoo Crew, we celebrate that. Our offices are full of bright colors and imaginative illustrations. We use recognized child-friendly dental terminology (like “sugar bugs” for cavities) and we love nothing more than making a child smile. That goes for the entire team, not just the doctors.

Keep it Easy for Child and Parent

Dental visits can be stressful for both children and parents, but they shouldn’t have to be. For you, the parent, we’ve provided a wealth of online information and even forms, so you can come to the office prepared. With your forms prepared ahead, you won’t have to wait; with your basic questions answered through our FAQs, you’ll be prepared to ask our doctors for the important details.

You can choose to stay with your child throughout any or all treatments.

While efficiency is important to running a good office, we believe that your experience shouldn’t suffer because of it. So we designed our office space and process to easily accommodate parents and patients.

We also offer sedation as a way of making visits as easy as possible. For anxious children or young patients, some necessary treatments may be an ordeal. Sedation, administered by our certified doctors, is an effective way of keeping your child safe and calm throughout treatment.

dentist with patient

Provide Great Care

Despite our focus on fun, we’re very serious about your child’s dental care. Our doctors have extensive dental training, including specialized pediatric degrees. Our staff completes 15 hours of continuing education every year. And we make sure to use the most advanced technology and methods available. From start to finish, every moment of your child’s care is crafted to be the best possible.

Enjoy Dental Care That’s Kid-Focused & Parent-Friendly!