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Applying Fluoride
What Is Fluoride, and Does My Child Need to Use It?

Fluoride is an element that strengthens your teeth in the fight against cavities. Fluoride bonds with tooth enamel, helping it harden and remain cavity-resistant. If your children drink fluoridated water and use toothpaste that contains fluoride, then they probably get the fluoride they need to inhibit decay and strengthen tooth enamel.

According to doctors at the Mayo Clinic, as well as studies were done by Berkeley, adequate exposure to fluoride at a young age is a significant factor in developing strong, healthy teeth. Although public opinion has questioned the safety of fluoride and fluoridated water (especially for young children), science and research continue to demonstrate the safety and benefits of ensuring that your child gets the proper fluoride. It’s true that you don’t want your kid swallowing copious amounts of fluoride toothpaste, so when he is really little and just learning to brush, you can train him using a grain of rice size bit of toothpaste. Once he learns the basics of brushing and spitting, though, fluoride is your kid’s friend!